Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014!!

Dear Friends and Family - Old and New and of all species - with and without paws and with and without fur - and of all sizes and nationalities and whatever other differences you have,

Me and my human sister Emma want to wish you all the very best you can have for 2014 in whatever you do in your lives and to be very happy and healthy and have exciting fun things happen and whatever other things need to happen for things to be very good for you in the next 365 days that are now coming along.

I have written some new year resolutions - Emma is typing this for us so she has the correct spelling and also the writing is better cos it's her typing it, tho if she was hand-writing it it wouldn't be much better than what I wrote cos she has bad handwriting - and maybe I've actually done quite well with my paws after all! Hm she is looking grumpy - probably cos of what I said about her writing -  and saying I definitely won't stick to the first one, but I will cos I love cats it's just that I love to do things with them that I think are play but they don't think that they are, and I'm rough and tough about it.


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy Boxing Day!!!

It's a bit difficult to see what was happening in these pics cos I'm not easy to take photos of when I'm doing my wandering around thing, which is what I was doing, but this is me today wandering around trying to find a place to bury my very large chew bone that was given to me as a Christmas present by my illustrator and lovely friend Sue Mynall. I carried it around the living-room and then to other places downstairs in the house too, and I got on a chair in the living-room and I tried to bury is in the chair but that didn't work, and even though Penny tried to help me by putting a cushion over it I wouldn't let her, so I jumped off the chair and went to my basket and buried in in the blankets there. Maybe one day I'll find it again and chew it! I probably will cos I'll wonder what is poking into me when I try to sleep. 

Thanks Sue!!! Love and Licks XOXOXOX

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


My human parents were so happy with their presents from me and Emma as you can see!  As well as other really good presents I got a bag of babybels from everyone so that's lots of bags and even more babybels and Emma says I mustn't eat them all at once or I'll be even more tubby than I already am! And Father Christmas gave me the biggest bone I have ever had! Thank you! But I wonder if I should eat it cos maybe Penny Noble's hip doctor could use it to make a better hip for her that won't keep hurting. 

I love all of you so much and I hope you've had, are having and will have a wooftastic day with the bestest presents ever...

I have so many feet to lick I don't know where to start!

Lots of love and licks, Ted Terrier and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Waiting for Father Christmas...

Dear Everyone,

Emma told me that you have to go to bed before Father Christmas will come so I have gone to bed already and I hope he comes soon and I left him a large mug of tea - cos Emma said she thought that'd be better than milk cos it'd warm him up - and a mince pie and carrots for his reindeer - I don't like carrots unless they are hidden in meat so I can't tell... oh and also you have to be asleep before he leaves the presents, and it was very hard to get to sleep until I started counting bones, and balls, and babybel cheeeeeeeeses pleeeeeeeeases!

Sweet Dreams for Christmas Night to all of you!

Lots of Love and Licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOX

Friday, 20 December 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

Emma is doing her Christmas shopping today - Babybel cheese pleeeeaase! - so I offered to do the tree. The problem is it isn't as vertically challenged as I am! Love and Licks Ted Terrier XOX

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!!

Dear Wonderful Friends and Family,

Wishing you a Wooftastically Wonderful Christmas!
And a Wooftastically Healthy, Successful and Happy New Year 2014!
May ALL your dreams - well the ones that are good for you  - come true!

Lock and Licks Ted Terrier and Emma XOXOX

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Wrapping up!

Have you done your Christmas Shopping?!
I'm now wrapping my presents for my human sister Emma. For some reason it seems to be very difficult. Things that I have wrapped and are supposed to be surprises so not for her to see before she opens them, keep escaping from the paper, and one of the bows had run away too and the cellotape keeps sticking to my fur instead of to the paper. Is it this difficult if you have hands?! I can't ask to borrow Emma's, as I normally do, cos these are for her. I also can't give her our book cos it's was written by us and we are co-authors, but you could give it if you wanted....




Love n Licks, Ted Terrier and Emma XOXOX

Monday, 2 December 2013

The Colour Journal of Ted Terrier... again ;)

Hi Everyone!

Today is CyberMonday - not the day that everybody turns into a cyberman or dog or whatever species they were orginally that is now cybered - but it's the day when people buy most of their Christmas presents online for other people or dogs or whatever other species they may buy for so I thought I'd remind you that I have a lovely little book - that I coloured in especially and you can see me doing it again below - that would make a great Christmas stocking filler - that doesn't mean it has to fill the whole stocking but just part of it - so I thought I'd show you the link again :)

Available from all amazon websites and here it is in the UK:

And also at WoofTasticBooks.com

(Just to say I should say it is only suitable for people over 15 human years of age.)

Lots and lots and even extra lots for CyberMonday and Christmas love and licks Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Bring The Dog :)

I've just added a listing to http://Bringthedog.co.uk 
Great website for dogs and their humans!

Love and licks Ted XOX

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I am now a member of WoofTasticBooks!!!! :)

Hi Everyone!

Emma and I were delighted to make friends with Nikki and Gizmo via twitter in the last few days and have very rapidly become members of their doggie book club http://wooftasticbooks.com/

Do go check them out!! Lots of fabulous books all dog-friendly, including mine!

Enjoy Woofing all the way!!

Lots of love and Licks Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOX

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Colour Journal of Ted Terrier

Hi Everyone!

I am excited beyond anything - my tail is wagging so fast it'd make you dizzy - to tell you that my journal - that I coloured in - and you can see me doing it below - is now ready at all amazon websites. Here is the link if you are in the UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Colour-Journal-Ted-Terrier/dp/1493711059/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1385382240&sr=8-2&keywords=journal+of+ted+terrier

I think it might be very nice for people's Christmas stockings :)
(Just to say I should say it is only suitable for people over 15 human years of age.)

Lots and lots of highly excited love and licks Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOX

Saturday, 23 November 2013



Love and licks to all Doctors and also K9 
This is an exclusive picture from The Journal of Ted Terrier, which will be available IN COLOUR from amazon websites within a week 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fireworks! Humans look after your 4-legged friends....

Humans tell each other "Remember, Remember the 5th of November!"
Well I wish they wouldn't cos this is me already...

Love and Licks to put all those fireworks out! Ted XOXOXOX

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Patron Saint of Dogs...


Raising money for animal rescuers and shelters :)


Friday, 27 September 2013

Brody the Cat

All the things that are in my Journal – that you can buy from amazon websites; I keep reminding you of that cos not everybody knows or remembers and I know you’d love to have your own copies – are faction; which means that they are a mixture of the real happenings in my life and my humans’ lives and some happenings that are made up, or things that are changed about people, so that nobody that reads it will really know which is which, and so people and dogs and cats and any other someones in it will have their privacy protected (if they are worried about that) but also it’s fun to write things creatively to make it more exciting – though really my life and happenings in it are exciting enough for anyone! And cos that was a very long sentence I suggest you take a breather before the next bit… What I am about to share with you, as with some of the other things on this blog, is totally real life. I had a feline frenemy, sister and co-inhabitant of my house and she was called Brody. I miss her very much cos she disappeared and didn’t come back, which I know means she died. I wrote an ode to her after it happened… it’s still unfinished but I thought I’d share it. And our friend Sue, has done a picture of me and Brody showing one of the things that would be common to happen between is which is I share a toy with her and she is completely non-plussed – which doesn’t mean she was minussed but that she didn’t care at all about it – and then I pretended to be surprised, which I wasn’t really cos she also pretended she didn’t like me and I pretended I didn’t like her… and really we loved each other, which you can do even if someone annoys you a great deal. Anyway the ode will explain some of that…

Ted’s Unfinished Ode to Brody
Warning to readers and Brody in Cat Heaven: This could go horribly wrong cos even though I’m a dog of many talents I’m not really sure if I’m actually a poet and do not know it.

          Brody was a cat,
          Nothing very odd about that,
          She was the love of my life,
          But definitely not my wife,
          She was older than me,
          Though she never drank tea,
          My rhyming is bad,
          Oh isn’t it sad,
          She used to climb on a table,
          When she was able,
          To get away from me,
          To eat her tea,
          I’ve used tea twice,
          Maybe that’s not very nice,
          She’d purr at the slightest touch,
          And oh so very much,
          But certainly not for me,
          And I say that with glee,
          I annoyed her something rotten,
          And that was when I gotten,
          Her tail in my mouth,
          And she tried to move South,
          Or North, East or West,
          Whichever way was best,
          To get away from me,
          Oh poor, Dear Brody.

          Her first companion was Bea,
          Now her she did not fear,
          Bea went away,
          That poor dog had had her day,
          She died of a tumour,
          Of that I heard a rumour,
          And then along came me,
          Oh my God, poor Brody,
          Cos I was rough and tough,
          And she didn’t like that stuff,
          They’d grown up together,
          Not at the end of anyone’s tether,
          Cos Bea was royal,
          Even though I am loyal,
          Bea was gentle,
          And certainly not mental,
          Unlike me all over the place,
          Taking up lots of space.

          Me and Pen called her White Bum,
          And I have a big tum,
          Even though that’s not relevant,
          This rhyme is irreverent,
          My ode has no structure,
          And the wood gate I did fracture,
          When Brody climbed the stairs,
          She’d do that in pairs,
          This ode is unfinished,
          There’s more I could’ve wished,
          I will return to it sometime,
          When I find I have some more rhyme...

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013



A really great advice column for humans and dogs :)



Hi again everyone,

Yesterday I posted for my human sister Emma whose birthday it was - and then I contacted our fabulous artist Sue who did a pic of me getting the present ready for her birthday - and she did it with her real name cos that's what I did - so now I'm letting you all know that Emma is in fact my real human sister Penny!

As you can see tying the bow was very difficult!

Love and Licks to you Dearest Emma/Penny, 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Woofday to Me... though it is me it's not my birthday but it's always a Woofday!
Happy Birthday Dear Sis Emma!
Happy Woofday to You....

Love n Licks Always, Ted XOXOX

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My book for less ;)

Hi again...
My book is still out now on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com and other amazons (not the rain forest) but it is for less:
Kindle e-book $3.50 or £2.30 and actual book $8 or £4.57.
Enjoy!  XOX

Monday, 1 April 2013

Birthday and Easter...

My birthday was on Easter Saturday this year so this is what I was doing :) XOX

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bathtime?… No!

Today a lovely friend of Emma’s sent us pictures of kittens in sinks. That reminded me I was gonna tell you what I think about baths. I’d hate to be in a sink! Even more I’d hate to be in a bath! It’s not that I mind being clean really though if I am clean I don’t smell like a dog like I am supposed to and like Emma loves. Oh she is wriggling her nose now and saying that she doesn’t mind me smelling clean with a bit of doggy smell too, but it’s not about the smell but about how I look and sometimes I’m growing dreadlocks – which aren’t locks that you dread – but hair all stuck together. But she once grew dreadlocks and people said she looked very interesting with them. She said with mine I look funny. When I was taken to the doggy beautician she took all my hair off and I didn’t look like me at all and Emma asked me who I was when I came to greet her when she next came home. I didn’t look funny or interesting but bald. I don’t like water, except to drink as I’ve already told you. When it’s on me it makes me cold and wet and shivery and scared. Emma says it doesn’t hurt but it does. She doesn’t like me bald though – she likes me as ‘Mr. Scruffy-Puff’ - and she also knows I find it traumatic being beautified by the doggy beautician so she now does it. She will only do it when it’s warm enough outside so I don’t have to be in a bath but I can have a shower instead with not much water and she can do it carefully and I don’t have to be in it too long so I don’t get scared, but it has been cold outside for a very long time and so I am looking the scruffiest puff that there ever was! And cos humans have put too many of the wrong gases into the sky – yes that muddled thinking they have again – or this time they did it without thinking or knowing what would happen if they did that - it’s gonna be cold for a long time even after the time when it becomes British summer-time. Now they understand it but too late and the jet stream – which isn’t a stream of jets but air currents – is in the wrong place on the world and so not bringing the right air or wind to us. So Emma is gonna have to wait to make me less of a scruff and less of a puff unless she does it without me getting clean at the same time, which would be possible if she just cuts my dreaded locks off. At least I hope she does wait or I’m likely to look like this…

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Life According to Charlie...

Life According to Charlie

I totally agree!

Love and Licks Ted XOXOX

Adverts – necessary or nuisance?

You are happily sitting on your sofa, or in your armchair, or even in bed – and if like me when I’m doing what I’m about to write about, you have a loved one next to you, who if they’re human may be laughing, crying or gasping, or even trying to hide behind the sofa or chair… and then suddenly, often with no warning at all, they stop doing those things and instead it’s a ‘tut’ or ‘I hate this’ cos they are annoyed… and what has happened is the TV show or film we were watching has suddenly stopped and the adverts have come on. And then if it’s my human mum, Jane, she says ‘Why do there have to be so many adverts?’ And it does interrupt the flow of drama and enjoyment of the programme, and then you don’t know when it will come back, and as Emma says, if you have time to get tea and do anything else you may need to do.
And I am writing this to go with yet another advert about me and my book! But the good thing about this is that it won’t interrupt your enjoyment of anything cos I am giving you a story along with it so this ‘show’ does not stop, and also it’s not stopping any other show you may be enjoying cos you have chosen to look at it.
I do agree that adverts can be a nuisance and I certainly don’t want to annoy anyone by giving you lots of nuisances or being a nuisance – though my human father, Peter, says I often am a nuisance but he seems to find it funny so I am obviously an entertaining nuisance – but adverts are good to tell you about things you may need or want, and some of them are entertaining and nice to look at as well, like I hope you think my adverts are. And if you are trying to tell people about something nice you have to offer them, you often have to repeat telling them about it cos you don’t know when they will be there to see it, so you have to do it many times and in different ways so those who do keep seeing it don’t get bored, and that they see your thing amidst all the other things people are trying to tell you about.
So maybe I am a necessary, naughty nuisance but I am very nice… as is my book and blog, which are what we are advertising J
Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Our lovely illustrator Sue Mynall

Emma and I are neither very good at drawing so the absolutely lovely Sue Mynall has visited us and drawn me doing all the things I tell you about. She has also illustrated some other fabulous things and is a fabulous human being, whom we love very much! And she also has a canine member of her family as all the best humans do...
Have a look at her website: http://www.suemynall.co.uk/
(Picture copyright Sue Mynall)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

It’s raining… in the car!

The other morning  - in other words one that wasn’t this one – I went for a walk with Emma – she would say she was taking me for a walk, but really I take her - and we went to her car, which is called a Renault Clio. The reason we went to her car was to put a ‘dehumidifier’ in it cos it had been raining inside the car cos the sunroof has been leaking, and the water that was inside the car had got into the instrument panel, and so it had gone off, and so Emma said they had been driving blind cos she couldn’t see what speed they were going or what temperature the engine was or other things that I can’t remember, and even if I did remember I wouldn’t understand. Emma says you’ll all know what a dehumidifier is but for anyone, like me, who doesn’t, it takes water out from wherever it is; wherever the water is and wherever the dehumidifier is. And the reason Emma said they was cos she calls ‘the Clio’ she as though she thinks it’s alive, which it isn’t, but many humans do that with machines, especially female humans. She thanks it for getting her places! Yes, I know! And she has been worried about driving it blind and so has used a ‘satnav’ to tell her what speed they are going rather than where they are going. Now she’s got me saying they!
We got to ‘the Clio’ and Emma opened the driver’s side door and I immediately leapt in and sat on the driver’s seat. I grabbed the handle of my lead in my mouth, which is what I do when I am taking myself for a walk, and I faced the wheel… and, cos Emma is worried but I’m not, see what I did next…

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Friday, 1 March 2013

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Blog Hop: My Next Book – Another Journal of Ted Terrier by Ted Terrier (Dog) and Emma Knight (Human)

Many thanks to Michelle Goode for tagging me in this Blog Hop, which consists of ten questions about my current project/s and then tagging other authors/writers. Here goes!
1. What is the working title of your next book?
Ted: It will probably be Another Journal of Ted Terrier as The Journal of Ted Terrier was my first book and that is already published on Kindle and will be out very soon as a normal paper book too. And if a lot of people (or anyone else who isn’t human) like it and want more then I will do another one. In fact the first one isn’t all my writings that I’ve already done – it is only some of them, which I chose with my human sister, Emma – whom I rely on for mind-reading, so that she collects my thoughts, and then writing or typing to put them down – and then a friend of ours – Sue Mynall - did the drawings for those bits of writing we had selected. And also while I am about it Gejo Canovas did the cover for us too and is a very good friend, whose best friend I fancy!
2. Where did the idea come from for your book?
Ted: It came from me! It’s all my ideas and about my life and what I think and feel about the things that the humans in my life do.
Emma says I have to let her say something about it too. You might find we argue during this Q&A, but don’t worry that’s normal for a brother and sister – even though different species – and also for those who collaborate and it’s called creative tension – when it’s about creating something, which is what we have done.
Emma: Hi Everyone, Emma Knight is my pen-name; appropriate as I am the one holding the pen because Ted cannot. (Though Ted is also not his real name: We’re a pair of pseudonyms ;))
In real life I, Emma, - though as Ted is keen to remind you I’m not really called Emma - am a writer of screenplays and a psychotherapist. When the idea for this came – and to be fair it wasn’t really even an idea, it just simply popped out! – I was suffering a severe case of writer’s block, and feeling quite miserable about it. Writing makes me feel good! I was sitting on the sofa next to our Jack Russell Terrier and, fortunately, with a little journal in my hand and a pen. I spontaneously started writing from his point of view. And out poured a great deal of ideas, thoughts, concepts, observations in and around the life of a dog; how they may see the world, and adventures that go on around them. Of course, real Ted’s own character had a massive influence on how it all came out.
Ted: So, just as I said, it came from me!
Emma: Yes it all came from you, Ted J
3. What genre does the book fall under?
Ted: It doesn’t fall under any genre – nothing fell on top of it – and anyway I don’t know what a genre is but it sounds a bit like it might be painful?! ;)
Emma: No, Ted, it’s not painful – it just means what sort of a book is it. What is a bit painful though is trying to fit it into a genre. It’s a bit like instalments in a diary – as in The Diary of Adrian Mole – though the order is a bit random because Ted can’t focus on one thing for too long, and I am appalling with dates. So it’s disorganized but linked because the people in it are all Ted’s humans. Some readers have likened it to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, though we hasten to add that no dogs get murdered in this book. It was also not planned with any particular readers in mind, though it seems to appeal to older children and adults.
4. What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movies rendition?
Ted: If you read my book then you’ll find out ;)
5. What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?
Ted: I find it impossible to write just a single sentence, and if I did, it would be very long cos my sentences always are, and in fact they should be several sentences really.
Emma: Anecdotes in the Life of a Jack Russell Terrier.
6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
Ted: It’s been self-published cos no publisher will accept the way I write. They say you have to send the first three chapters and have to have a plan for a story, but as we said above, I don’t write in a straight-line order and I don’t think in chapters or for long enough to plan a story, and also my sentences are too long - so I’ve just got the human I love best to publish it for me! You can find it on the amazon dot websites on the internet J
7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?
Ted: I don’t know. It just took however long it took and is still taking.
8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Ted: It’s just a book of all its own type and can’t be compared to anything, and also cos it doesn’t have a story, or at least it has lots of stories, but we already answered this in the wrong question, or this is the wrong answer to this question and the answer to it is above!
9. Who or what inspired you write this book?
Ted: Me! Me and Emma together. Me and my other humans. Watching how they behave and how different we are and yet the same and how we relate to each other. And cos dogs and humans are best friends.
10. What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?
Ted: My theory that human beings are too intelligent for their own, and others, goods – even though I love them more than any other species including my own - and so they have muddled thinking and that’s why it’s interesting to study them. But they are brilliant too! Please read and let me know if you agree with me…

Tagging for the next blog hop:

Ray Noble is a scientist, musician, singer, writer and song-writer, who also writes a blog on ethics.
Esame Okwoche is a mother and prolific insightful writer. You can find some of her work at her blog Esame's Rants.
Mike Howarth-Baker is the author of What If? He writes poems and quotes based upon his life experiences and thoughts and feelings on everyday life. His facebook page.

Bit of a late entry and extra addition just in case ;):

Murna Safford-Kuaea is a ‘moderately conservative writer, poet, inventor of really cool stuff, novelist and closet idealist.’ She has seven titles available on amazon and can tell you what she is working on in her blog hop J Her facebook: NovelIdealist SK and Twitter: Novelidealistmsk.

Friday, 22 February 2013

The Last Custard Cream...

When humans go round to each other’s homes to visit each other the first thing that happens – well in my home it’s the second thing that happens cos the first thing is that I greet them enthusiastically and then they have to get past me to be able to see my humans – is that they get offered a cup of tea. Emma is saying that’s what happens in homes in England and it may be different in other countries – in America she thinks they get offered a cold drink like maybe a beer, but in China they would probably get Chinese tea, which is different because it is green, instead of black, and they don’t add milk to it. Tea here gets milk added mostly and sometimes sugar too. I’ve heard Emma offer sugar to people in their tea and sometimes when the say ‘No, thank you’, she says ‘No, you’re sweet enough’ and then they all laugh. I laugh too cos I don’t need any sugar at all cos I’m the sweetest enough. I also don’t need tea. Humans – well English humans – need it for all sorts of reasons – to be social with each other (I have a lot of socialness in me already!); to wake them up in the mornings (I just open my eyes and bounce); to help them sleep at night if they are Emma or Judy (I just close my eyes and stop bouncing – humans, not Emma and Judy, say tea makes them too awake so they can’t sleep so they don’t have it to make them sleep); to make them feel better when a bad thing has happened - well just come and see me and you won’t need tea . The other thing that happens when they get given tea is they also have biscuits. They usually sit down in the living-room and hold their mugs, or cups in saucers if they are doing it very properly, and then the biscuits get put on the coffee table – which is called a coffee table even if it’s being used for tea-having. I get very excited when the biscuits go on the table and try to take one, but I’m not allowed to. So instead I go round visiting each human, and smile at them pleasingly, and wag my tail and then bark if that doesn’t work. Sometimes they say ‘Oh Teddy’ and give me a little bit. Often not though as they think I am too fat and also that their biscuits are not good for me. Emma says that is very true if they have chocolate in. I like chocolate! That’s another thing we’re always told that something is bad for us when we like it. That doesn’t make sense! How can it be bad when it’s good?! But Emma says it is important that humans know human chocolate isn’t good for dogs and dogs can have dog chocolate. Anyway the last time this visiting and having tea happened the biscuits on offer were custard creams. After the visiting has finished my humans went and said ‘Goodbye’ to their visitors. You can see what I did…

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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