Friday, 28 August 2009

FPF Competition Results

Dear All,

After much deliberation, looking and imaginary smelling and licking the winners of the FPF competion are as follows, is reverse order which means the 3rd place animal is announced first, with the first place one announced at the end:

Third Place: Bluebeard - for the hairiest and biggest paws.
Second Place: Matteo - those feet are a delight to my eyes; so interesting and different looking and so much to sniff; I could be in licking heaven for hours and hours and hours...
First Place (imagine drum roll): Feeta - excellent posing and they looks very dirty and smelly and I imagine I'd have a lot of fun chasing them as you run away from me!

I will contact the winners individually to arrange delivery of prizes.

Thanks to all for entering.

Love n licks, Ted XOXOXOXOXOXOX