Monday, 27 January 2014

Snack Attack!

Yes, I know, I did put ‘eating less treats’ on my new year’s resolutions but then I crossed it out but not well enough for you not to see that it was on the list and here I am eating them anyway cos I got really hungry and cos they taste very yummy to eat but ‘Ssshhh!’ and please don’t tell Emma cos she might get a bit cross cos I’m supposed to be on a diet cos I have a ‘tubby tum’. But she is funny cos she really likes my tubby tum and when I’m ‘My Scruffy-Puff’ which I’m not really without my tubby tum cos you need to be tubby to go with that look and cos if you’re ‘Mr. SkinnyBones’ then you have no fur and no tubby tum, so really and truly I’m doing something for her by eating these and keeping myself tubby to go with the scruffy J

Love and licks and crunching, Ted  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Monday, 20 January 2014

I wish it would stop raining...

No walkies without wet paws and fur!

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Crazy Weather!

Over Christmas- and New Year- times the entire world had crazy weather. In America – where my human auntie lives with my human uncle and my many cousins both human, canine, feline and other species – they had cold temperatures that made it so if they went out they might freeze to death on the spot. In the ‘land down under’ – which is underneath according to the people who aren’t there but are on this side of the world – and is actually called Australia, people are trying to play tennis in 45oC temperature  and fainting  and bats have died cos it’s too hot for them. Here In England – and especially in the bit round the river Thames where I live with my human family; they’re all human and I’m a dog – we had rain that could drown you and wind that could blow you over and away and all at once and it was very dangerous to go out, and many people had very wet Christmases with their houses filled up with water and they didn’t have power so they couldn’t cook their Christmas dinners or watch Doctor Who or Eastenders or The Queen making her speech. I think they could still open their presents so long as they weren’t all washed away, and Father Christmas could still visit cos he doesn’t need gas or electricity to visit cos he has reindeer to give his sleigh the power to move. Cars could still move too so long as the water wasn’t too deep and they could do that in the roads that weren’t made into rivers by all the water. Emma’s car could move okay but something on it was moving in a way that was not okay. I have written a story before about it raining in the car cos of the sun-roof that lets rain rather than sun in – well it lets sun in too but Emma never opens it to let sun in cos the sun comes in anyway, and even though she hasn’t opened it it is ‘open to the elements’ as humans say. It shouldn’t be but it is. It’s a fault on the car, which isn’t the cars fault and also isn’t my fault this time. Another fault is that the bonnet doesn’t close properly cos something called the bonnet catch is broken and so the bonnet flaps up and down and if you drive too fast it flaps up so much that it might not flap down again and then it could fly into the windscreen – that does actually screen you from the wind – and then you could have wind and broken glass unscreened from you and going into your face from the broken windscreen and that is very dangerous indeed. I have been Emma’s co-driver as you can see to make sure that doesn’t happen so she can look at what she needs to look at to drive the car safely and then I can bark loudly if it doesn’t flap down again. But we decided it’d be even safer to take it to be fixed, so we got into it to drive it to the garage where they fix cars but it wouldn’t start at all. And we tried again and it wouldn’t, and yet again, but it still wouldn’t and then Emma phoned for an AA man to come – AA men come when cars don’t start at all or have stopped and won’t start again. For anything else you have to take it yourself to be fixed. The AA man was a very nice AA man – they are all supposed to be very nice but some are nicer than others – he started the car very quickly and said it had been flooded with petrol and not water even though with all the water around it could have been water, and then he also said that he would save us driving to the garage with a flapping up and down bonnet and also cos there were many cars on the road getting into trouble cos of the weather so he fixed the bonnet down in just a few minutes, so ours wouldn’t end up being one of them. It is good that one less car goes along the road in an unnecessary journey anyway cos there are too many cars on the road and there are too many other things that humans have made that make fumes and things and have damaged something in the sky and made a hole so that there is damage below that hole and so that’s what causes the crazy weather and one day, if it’s not fixed and it may be too late to fix it, the weather will be so crazy it’s completely mad and then… well then I won’t say cos Emma says my stories usually make people laugh but this one won’t and I should end on a funny note. I am not a note but I am very funny most of the time and will make you smile and the sun shine even on a cloudy day… and if you sing that then you have some funny notes to end on J

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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