Thursday, 16 April 2020


At the moment Thursday night at 8 O'Clock is clapping time. It is to say thank you to the people who are doing 'key' jobs to care for everybody else. 'Key' is not that metal thing to shut or open doors but key cos they make sure all humans can 'keep going' - as my human Dad says - while they try to hide from the coronavirus.
The National Health Service is the most important service of all right now - it takes care of all humans' health. Nurses and health care assistants and doctors are the key workers who get close to any human who is sick and try to make them well again. They - and other support people in hospitals - are doing their best to save people from the virus. Some people only get a little bit unwell and can stay at home to get better, but other people have to go to hospital cos they can't breathe cos the virus has attacked their lungs, which are the things we use to breathe. If they stop breathing completely then they die and sadly that is happening to a lot of people. But some are also saved by breathing machines that make sure they get enough oxygen so their lungs get better and then they can breathe again for themselves. The nurses and health care assistants and doctors and anyone going close to them have to wear coverings on their faces and bodies and hands to try to stop the virus attacking them. Many people are cross and upset cos there have not been enough of these coverings and some nurses and doctors and health care assistants have died too.
The people who are key in hospitals in hospitals also need to get to the hospitals so they need ways of getting there if it is too far to walk so another lot of key workers are the people who drive buses or trains that go from homes to hospitals.
Cos many people - in fact all people who aren't key workers - have been told to stay at home, and some of those told to stay at home have illnesses already and they can't go out at all - then they need things brought to them so they can eat and drink and 'keep going' too. That means another lot of humans are key - those ones bringing that food and drink and other things people - and all the animals living with them - need to stay alive and well. They are called delivery people and they have been extra busy cos more people than those who have to stay at home have asked them to bring them things and that has meant it's been very difficult for the people who have been told not to go out at all to get everything they need. The delivery people have to go to lots of homes and that means being near lots of people, and even though they keep a long human distance apart, they still might be more at risk of the virus attacking them.
There are also key workers who bring letters and other things to people's homes and they have to keep working too cos people are still sending things to each other and that's good cos it makes people feel good to get things especially from loved ones they can't be close to at the moment.
People who clean are very important cos cleaning helps stop the virus from being on things and getting onto people when they touch those things. Cos they might still touch things with the virus on people have to keep cleaning their hands too. And then the rubbish needs to be taken away so people called 'bin men' are also key.
For people who can go to the shops to get their food then another lot of key workers have to be in those shops to put food on the shelves and help those people pay for their food before they can take it home.
To 'keep going' many people - and animals too - need 'pills and potions' - as my human Mum calls them - to make their bodies work properly - so another lot of key workers called pharmacists have to give those out and human doctors called GPs and animal doctors called vets have to be key working too to tell them pharmacists to give the 'pills and potions'.
Then there are people who have to go around and look at what other people are doing outside and if they are getting together with lots of them and not staying a long human distance apart, or of they are not exercising or with other people from their home, but playing games or sitting in the sun, then those key workers - who are called police - have to ask them to 'move on' or 'go home' and if they don't do that they have to pay money to the police.
Some people who are old or also not very well are called vulnerable and need key workers to care for them - those workers are called carers and they need coverings to protect them cos like the nurses and doctors and health care assistants in hospitals and the vulnerable people they are looking after, they may get more of the virus attacking them and be less able to fight it away.
All those key workers that I've already written about need other key workers to look after their children if they have them.
And then there are the people who are supposed to look after the country and everybody in it and they tell everybody else what to do, though many people think they haven't told people the right thing to do at the right time, so the virus has managed to hurt more people. So I don't know if those people - who are called members of parliament cos they sit on parliament, except not now - are key workers cos they may not be keeping the country going very well.
After humans have all kept going so much that the virus is no longer attacking people and key workers called scientists have found a way to stop it - then I think all these key workers need special treats - I'd like lots of Babybel cheese but I think they would like more money cos they don't get very much.
Until then keep clapping at 8 O'Clock on Thursday nights.

Love and licks, Emma and Ted XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
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Saturday, 28 March 2020


Cos too many men and women and children went out in the sun that happened on Sunday - sun does not always happen on Sunday but it was a very sunny Sunday and also the day to show extra love to your mothers - and didn't stay a long human being apart from each other - they have all now been told to go to their rooms in their homes and stay there for at least three weeks. Also cos they were also going into shops and standing too close to each other, they are now only allowed in shops a few humans at a time, and there are round things on the floors of the shops that sell things that people need to keep living, like food and medicines, and the round things are a long human being apart. Humans have to be told what to do sometimes cos their thinking is muddled. The difficulty is though that they are being told what to do by other humans who might be called 'mad' cos they have even more muddled thinking. Humans let their thinking cover up their feelings sometimes and the more they do that the madder they are. Dogs just feel and then act on those feelings. It's only humans that call dogs mad, but we can't be mad cos our thinking is just the right amount of thinking to behave how we feel. It would be very difficult if dogs had coronavirus and could give it to humans cos all we feel is that we want to be close to and love our humans.
My human Mummy - Jane - would say that sometimes - at this time - love isn't sensible cos now it means it makes someone ill and so you might lose them. She would say she was a 'very silly sort of a person' but she loved others very much even though her muddled thinking sometimes made it very difficult for her to act on her feelings of love.
Other humans' muddled thinking can mean they only think of themselves and they don't mind what happens to other people cos of them doing that. They are called selfish. Dogs can't be selfish cos all they love is their humans. Everything we do is to make them happy and doing that makes them more likely to be well and stay healthy.
Humans please love like dogs but with just enough thinking of humans so you can love at a distance.
You can go out in the sun for walkies away from your home once a day - having one of us with you helps that too - or you can go out in the sun in your garden as many times as you want to - and we will very happily go with you all those times!

Love and licks, Emma and Ted XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
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LOVE IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS - Written on International Puppy Day

There is a new thing on earth - it is a being cos it is but it is not alive. But I don't like it cos it is hurting my favourite humans. Oh and just in case you were thinking too much about that all humans are my favourites, what I mean is my favourite beings who are human beings!
It's called a coronavirus, which Emma says I must tell everyone is not like the drink that she likes to drink, though she doesn't like to drink it at the moment cos the virus is horrible and the drink is nice, but she says there may be a problem with assocification (I think she said that) - which is when one thing makes you think of another and makes you not enjoy thinking of the one you like.
Emma also likes the colours in the picture of the coronavirus on television cos it is orange and pink with purple spikes. But it might not look like that in real life if you could see it, which you can't and if it was alive which it isn't really. Cos you can't see it, it can jump around from person to person without any of them knowing, and they only know if they have it if they get unwell in the way that other people say it makes them unwell. But even then they didn't know if they really had it and it can fool you cos it can make you unwell in different ways or even not make you unwell at all.
If I saw one I'd bark at it and eat it. Dogs can't be hurt by it, which is very good news cos it means humans can still be hugged and kissed and licked by us and we don't have to 'socially distance' from them. Socially distance means each human being has to be the length of a tall human being away from any other human being. They are still allowed to love each other, but they can't do it by being close to each other, which is not very nice at all.
The coronavirus started in China by jumping from another animal to human beings in a seafood market in Wuhan. And then it just kept on jumping from human to human cos they were still close together and cos even though a doctor told other people about it they didn't listen. When they finally did listen that poor doctor had died, and even though they tried to stop it jumping around even more it was too late cos it had started jumping to people who went to other countries. Now it has jumped all over the world. Well lots of its have cos that's what it wants to do make lots of its of itself.
As Emma says more Italians than anyone else in other countries have it. Italians do a great deal of hugging and kissing each other and like to be together in big numbers of them. I think that should be a good thing, but sadly it's not cos of this virus. Italians have been showing how much they love each other by singing on their balconies and having parties where they can see and hear each other whilst being at least a tall human length apart.
Other humans in other parts of the world are singing and dancing and exercising for each other in videos that they put on their computers or phones and then tell other people to watch or sing too or dance or anything else they may want to do at the same time. Telephone talking is safe too. And doctor and nurse humans are doing wonderful work to help the other humans the virus has jumped on. Many humans are clapping those doctors and nurses too.
For a while - and I'm sad it's still happening - some humans suffered with their muddled thinking again - like in 2016 when they didn't want to listen to experts just cos they were experts and were the people who spend their time finding out the information we need to make the decision that is best for everybody's being to be well. And that's why humans have not been able to stop coronavirus jumping.

So Ted Terrier's Advice on International Puppy Day:
One: Hug a puppy!
Next one: Be with other humans by dancing, singing, talking, exercising - lots of walkies, sharing so long as you are at least a long human distance apart or on a computer.
The one after that: If you are older than 70 human years or not very well all the time, stay at home away from other humans who do not already live with you, but with your dog or dogs. We love having you with us!
Another next one: Get a dog to live with you if one of us doesn't already.
Another one after that: Think about other people and make sure they are ok - be like a dog.
And cos of that thinking: Send other humans food or medicines, the best one of those being a puppy full of love.
And last bit of thinking for now: If you have to do work do it at home - unless you have to go and look after other people cos they need you to go to them cos they can't come to you - but if not play - especially with your dog.
And an extra bit: Be safe... Share love with each other... and Be loved by Dogs!

Love and licks, Emma and Ted XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog 17th February 2018

It’s my new year! It started yesterday (16th) but as usual my human Mummy - Jane - and me - Ted had to wait for her human daughter – who is also my human sister – Emma - to lend us her hands – cos Jane is an angel so her hands don’t write anymore and I am a dog, as well as an angel, and have paws which don’t hold pens - so we can write about it. You get a different one each year but it doesn’t start on 1st January which is when people who are ‘from the West’ sing about old acquaintances being forgotten and do fireworks that scare me and other animals so we hide away. Instead the Chinese one ‘from the East’ starts with a new moon and can be in January or February and it gets celebrated for a longer time – 15 days not a few hours - and there’s usually dragons and lanterns and lots of nice bright colours – especially red – which is for luck - and gold and green - and dancing and parading and Emma and Jane say the food is very tasty too. They both love Chinese food. Jane likes ‘pork balls’ which are sweet and sour. Emma likes sauce made with black beans and fried noodles. Every 12 years it’s the year of a different animal and this year it’s all dogs or people who were born 12 or 24 or 36 or 48 or 60 or 72 or 84 or 96 years ago – if you are a human being that probably includes all of you dogs cos you are probably not still alive if you were born 108 years ago. You are also loyal, faithful and courageous like me and all other dogs. If you were born 12 or 24 etc years ago next year you will be a pig, then a rat, after an ox, next one a tiger, after that a rabbit, next a dragon, and one after a snake, then next a horse, then a goat, after that a monkey and last one after that a rooster. Emma is a goat which means she is kind, sensitive, polite and creative and she is - and Jane and me are both dragons. So I am a dog dragon. It means as well as being loyal, faithful and courageous, I am confident, witty and ‘dominant’. My human Mummy is certainly very witty and I make everyone laugh so I think that’s right. My human Daddy - who is a rat with ‘excellent intuition’ and very adaptable – he is! - always said I was head of the household so maybe that is the ‘dominant’ bit. I’m confident with humans but not so much with other dogs. Chinese people smile a lot and do a lot of bowing to each other. They travel long ways to do what they also call their Spring festival, which is also called that cos they clean their homes at the same time and that’s why cleaning is called spring-cleaning even if it’s not in the spring. When they come together they are usually related but people who are not related can also be there too. They wear new clothes – like my new hat - and give each other things – I got these bones. They eat their food with sticks which chop – chopping is very difficult with paws and also if you are a human and normally eat with knives, forks and spoons. Mine kept crossing over and missing each other and then I dropped my bones. I had to hold them up with my back paw. If you think I don’t look as tubby as usual it’s cos I didn’t get many into my mouth. But it’s important to be polite so I kept trying. Chinese New Year is a lot of fun cos it has eating and whirly dancing and being with and loving people but there are still fireworks in this sort of new year. I’d like it better with no loud bangs.

“Gong Xi Fa Chai” and Love and Licks, Emma, Jane and Ted  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Ted Terrier’s Dogifesto

Mrs Theresa May – Prime Minister - has called a general election, which means that all the people who now have a seat in parliament stop having a seat - and all the people – older than 18 – in the United Kingdom – which is not very united at all at the moment – decide who will get to sit in those seats again or for the first time. I have never had a seat in parliament - but I like sitting especially next to humans and if you are the prime minister you get to sit with many other humans and make decisions about how to take care of problems that humans have in this country. I like to take care of humans’ problems and make them feel better and Emma said she thought I’d be very good at it cos I love human beings. To stand for prime minister I have to have party. I love parties – lots of playing and eating and fun – oh apparently that’s not what this sort of party is - it’s a group of people who have the same views about what is good for the people of the country. Well humans seem not to ever be able to agree about what is good for them cos they think different things are good for them cos they all have different kinds of muddled thinking. So maybe I better form a dog party cos dogs all have just the right amount of intelligence to not muddle things and so make decisions which are simple and helpful and all dogs love humans so they can all love them with me. Emma says I have to give the party a name so I will call it The Dogs Love Humans Party. Members of Parliament argue a lot - they ask each other questions, which the other person never answers as though they have not listened to it – and then they may start to shout and the speaker – who does less speaking than anybody else but tells other people to speak – calls ‘Order’. I think the speaker needs to be a dog too and bark at the ones who are not in order - and then he can show who gets to speak next by running over to them and giving them a kiss, which would calm them down and maybe then they won’t get so upset about their different types of muddled thinking. I think I would be a good prime minister cos I listen and I am clear about what I think and feel so you would not be confused about what I was planning to do. Also a dog always tells the truth. Emma is laughing and says that would make me a bad politician cos all politicians lie or cover up the truth – but she says it’s what this country needs to have someone tell them the truth.
So for you to decide if you want to vote for The Dogs Love Humans Party I have to write a manifesto for it but cos I am a dog and not a man, I will write a dogifesto.
The Economy: There seems to be a minus amount of money in the county so the first thing we will do is reduce that by putting more in. As the Beatles – the singers not the insects - said ‘Money can’t buy me Love’ but Love can make you feel Rich so that’s what we’d borrow from cos Dogs have lots of love and we feel very happy giving it to humans.
Health and Education: The most important thing is for people to be well and looked after. The main thing The Dogs Love Humans Party will do is love them and help them not be stressed by showing them that life can be fun and by helping them to relax. That will mean that they will be ill less anyway and it does not cost any money at all. We can also diagnose some illnesses so we will do that so humans and expensive machines don’t have to do it. Humans train dogs and we can train them back too. Children learn better when it is fun so we will add dog assistants into classrooms too and they will be free and make the human teachers jobs easier so they will be less stressed and work better and so fewer will be needed so less money needed.
Families and Communities: We will make sure every family has a dog in it to play, to add fun and laughter, to help with tasks around the house and outside - for anyone who can’t see, - for anyone who can’t hear, - for anyone who can’t get around, be companions for anyone who is lonely, help anyone whose mind is not healthy by listening and being their therapist. In the community we will visit in hospitals and residential homes and if people are bad we will help human police to keep them in order again as the speaker says.
Britain’s Interests in the World: The world is full of people with muddled thinking. Being a person means you have muddled thinking. We dogs love you all very much and want to help. As a result of that muddled thinking all sorts of things have happened in the world, that harm humans and other species living in it. There’s all sorts of rules human beings set in different parts of the world and as a result people decide they want ‘in’ or ‘out’ of that and get all confused about what is best for them. Dogs would make things so much simpler and heal rather than harm.
Finally: I promise not to be a ‘dogtator’ or a ‘muttwump’, but a fair leader of the pack. None of the other parties would be willing to be a part of a coalition but dogs have always coalised with humans and we will continue to do so, so will work with any human party for the good of the United Kingdom and the World.
Love and Licks, Ted (with secretary Emma) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Calling From The Rainbow Bridge…

So here we are, this is me - Ted Terrier - and human Mum – Jane Knight – calling from The Rainbow Bridge to my human sister – Emma Knight – on earth. We have no idea how or if this is going to work cos Emma has to receive us – but we think she is ready cos she has picked up my little red paper journal – and me and Mum are certainly ready – we’ve been ready for some time. When I was down on earth in the fur, I sat next to Emma – or sometimes on her lap - on the sofa and she just knew what I wanted to say and wrote it down. But this is now harder cos we are sitting very far apart as well as close and for the very far apart bit there is a lot of stuff between us but there is also a lot of stuff between us even though our souls are very close too. It is difficult to explain but Jane says it is like there are waves between us and it only works if the waves are doing the same movements at the same time and otherwise the connection line – like a telephone – is very crackly and hard to hear – and then it’s like Chinese Whispers. Chinese is a human language that is very hard for humans who aren’t Chinese to learn, and that’s why Jane is saying Chinese Whispers cos it can be easy to ‘get’ what we are saying wrong. So what Emma will ‘get’ and write down could not be what we mean – but that could be funny too. We think with all the difficult things happening down on earth, you -humans and other species – need to hear from us here and ‘get’ our love too. As readers of my other stories and books will know, Emma and I often had different thoughts on things so she used to argue with me. Mum and I might think different things too, which might make this even more confusing, but life – both on Earth and here at The Bridge – is an adventure and this trying to communicate will make it even more of one.
So – Jane says “Hang on to your potatoes!” – I say you can find them in the ground and I’d dig them up for you if I was there in a body, or you might have some in a cupboard in your kitchen, or you can get them from a shop. – Jane says “Did Dad enjoy his Bombay potatoes, Em?” – And now we can see Emma smiling – she knows it’s us – Emma and my human Dad, Peter, went to eat Bombay potatoes for his birthday and they are his favourite kind of potato – but they only had to go to a restaurant for them and not all the way to Bombay. “Sit tight”, says Jane – now Emma knows we’ve been watching her doing her physiotherapy  - which is therapy for muscles a bit like I gave her the warmth of my body as therapy for her muscles but physiotherapy is more active - and making her bum tight. Jane says we start a story with “Are you sitting comfortably…” and I say “With your bum tight and holding on to your potatoes… Jane, “Now we’ll begin…”
We are going to start with Emma’s dream cos it’s what we want to talk about – it and what it means and what we’d like to say about it. Dreams are also a way of meeting up with your loved ones who are no longer in the same place as you so we can join Emma there. And also some humans think they are a way of understanding things that maybe they can’t when they are awake and using muddled thinking as I call it when they are trying to think really cleverly and making things complexicated – in dreams a human thinks more freely. Emma dreamt she was in a ‘alien ship’ driven by a ‘madman’. She was trying to save a little innocent puppy, who looked like me but also looks like the cat who owned her as a teenager – which is what a human is called when they are between 12 and 20 years old – it wasn’t the cat who was a teenager – he was a cat. In one of my previous stories we called that cat Greymalkin – as you may know my stories are factionalised which means some real things and some made up. Here, Mum and I want to use his real name so we can tell Emma some wonderful news - Nibbins is here too and is me too! Our spirits went into two different furry bodies – both to help and love you, Emma. And up here even though we are the same spirit we can be separate or together, so that’s why you saw us as one little puppy looking like both of us. As you’ve always said, Nibbins was a cat who thought he was a dog and this is why. And, Emma, you want to save us from ‘aliens’ and ‘madmen’. We and you know why you dreamt that. You – and many other humans – are very worried about what is happening in the world now, and if Mum was still down there, she would be very anxious as you said yourself cos we know you were very worried about how scared she’d feel. She feels sad that you’re worried, but there’s nothing to be scared of we say. Remember all this is human muddled thinking cos some of you think too much - or as you’d say ‘overanalyze’ and try to fix it – and others think they know what’s right cos someone also with muddled or even muddling thinking has told them that’s how it will be when it isn’t. And then everyone tries to make decisions cos of this thinking and gets into even more of a muddle. Brexit is just a muddle and nobody who is supposed to know what it means does know what it means and neither does anybody else. Mum says it’s not very sensible – and that’s not cos it’s silly like how she is in a funny way – but cos it doesn’t have a plan that will help anyone. Humans get scared of other beings – human or another species – who they think are ‘aliens’ – who are different to them – and then they feel under threat and think they have to run away or be rescued from them – or put up a wall to stop them getting into where they live. But all of you are really beings just in different bodies with different colours and maybe liking and wanting different things, but all you really want is to feel safe and loved and you can have that just by caring about each other like I – and all other dogs – do. And the ‘madman’ you think is in control – he isn’t really – some human beings have more muddled thinking than others. And if you look at him and listen to him, it might seem as though he has very clever thinking and is saying unkind things and that is cos he is very muddled himself and does not know what he is doing. So many humans feel out of control and that things aren’t working for them, so they have chosen to follow humans who say I can give you something different and it will be better – it will be ‘great’ again – and you can ‘take back control’. But there is no control, except by being loving and kind and helping the poor humans who don’t see that see it.
Mum says someone does need to help make sure the climate on earth is protected cos climate change is real and if it changes even more then you will all ‘get roasted’ or ‘boiled alive’ or ‘frozen solid’ and that is what Nibbins JRT needs to be rescued from by you and other humans by seeing that you can stop it getting worse. So there does need to be an agreement on that but it might not be the one there already is, but think the right amount – even though it may seem complexicated – and save the planet so her favourite Sir David Attenborough can still make films about all the wonderful life on earth.
So Ted and Mum say lots of love and less chemicals or maybe the only chemical is love. The message we want to give you on Earth from the Rainbow Bridge is not ‘hatred and harm’, but ‘love and looking after’.
Love and licks, Jane and Ted  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Third Journal of Ted Terrier

Ted's Third Journal is Now Available :) XOX