Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Wrapping up!

Have you done your Christmas Shopping?!
I'm now wrapping my presents for my human sister Emma. For some reason it seems to be very difficult. Things that I have wrapped and are supposed to be surprises so not for her to see before she opens them, keep escaping from the paper, and one of the bows had run away too and the cellotape keeps sticking to my fur instead of to the paper. Is it this difficult if you have hands?! I can't ask to borrow Emma's, as I normally do, cos these are for her. I also can't give her our book cos it's was written by us and we are co-authors, but you could give it if you wanted....


Love n Licks, Ted Terrier and Emma XOXOX


Ann Staub said...

I'm sure that wrapping gifts is not easy for a terrier! I am almost done with my shopping.

Ted and Emma said...

Well done with your shopping Ann Staub :) Ted XOX