Tuesday, 12 March 2013

It’s raining… in the car!

The other morning  - in other words one that wasn’t this one – I went for a walk with Emma – she would say she was taking me for a walk, but really I take her - and we went to her car, which is called a Renault Clio. The reason we went to her car was to put a ‘dehumidifier’ in it cos it had been raining inside the car cos the sunroof has been leaking, and the water that was inside the car had got into the instrument panel, and so it had gone off, and so Emma said they had been driving blind cos she couldn’t see what speed they were going or what temperature the engine was or other things that I can’t remember, and even if I did remember I wouldn’t understand. Emma says you’ll all know what a dehumidifier is but for anyone, like me, who doesn’t, it takes water out from wherever it is; wherever the water is and wherever the dehumidifier is. And the reason Emma said they was cos she calls ‘the Clio’ she as though she thinks it’s alive, which it isn’t, but many humans do that with machines, especially female humans. She thanks it for getting her places! Yes, I know! And she has been worried about driving it blind and so has used a ‘satnav’ to tell her what speed they are going rather than where they are going. Now she’s got me saying they!
We got to ‘the Clio’ and Emma opened the driver’s side door and I immediately leapt in and sat on the driver’s seat. I grabbed the handle of my lead in my mouth, which is what I do when I am taking myself for a walk, and I faced the wheel… and, cos Emma is worried but I’m not, see what I did next…

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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