Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Third Journal of Ted Terrier

Ted's Third Journal is Now Available :) XOX

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Rough and Tough Fred

Rough and Tough Fred heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon smile emoticon XOX

The Joy of Fred

The Joy of Fred Noble J.R.T heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon smile emoticon XOX

Fred's Buckeye Belle Paeony

Fred's Buckeye Belle Paeony smile emoticon heart emoticon XOX (Not yet flowering but picture shows how it'll be smile emoticon )

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Fred goes to heaven...

Stunning art by Sue Mynall based on an image Fred's human Mummy had in her head of him being carried up to heaven in a big red peony balloon smile emoticon heart emoticonXOX

Celebrating the life of Fred Noble JRT

Today we had a beautiful little party celebrating the life of our gorgeous furry boy Fred Noble (who writes asTed Terrier). In Fred's basket written memories of him, his beloved lead, Fred badges, his favourite snack babybel cheese and most importantly his ashes. The latter were scattered into the compost which was added to plant his Buckeye Belle paeony. Thank you to wonderful friends including his artists Sue Mynall andGe Jo for being present and making this such a happy occasion just as he'd want. Fred was joy and is just that through his spirit now everywhere! heart emoticon smile emoticon XOX

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Ted's Easter Sunday Sermon on the Chair (not the Mount)

Today is Easter Sunday and that is the day when many humans - especially if they are Christian though you can still do it if you want and you're not called Christian - go to church to sing songs to celebrate Jesus being resurrected - without the help of a mug of tea - to go and be with God cos he didn't have a Dog to look after him. (I talk about that in my Good Friday Message.) They also drink wine and eat bits of bread which is supposed to be his blood and bits of his body but I'd much rather have a nice meaty bone, which would also have blood and bits of body on it - Emma is pulling a face; hers not mine and I don't mean literally pulling it but turning it into s funny shape cos she doesn't like what I'm saying. Jesus was obviously a very nice man who tried to do a lot for people to heal them and save them from their ways of being cos 'they know not what they do'. I agree with him and they don't know it cos they have muddled thinking. That's why I also try to save humans and make them better. God is Jesus' father. Jesus was created by God who gave him to humans to look after and some of them didn't do it very well. I was created by a Dog and then given to humans to look after but they did do it very well but I also look after them cos I love them as did Jesus love all of us. Another man called John said in his chapter 3, verse 16 and 17 in the bible…

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall on perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him…"

The Dog who created me also created other dogs and so I am not the only begotten son and there are also lots of dogs created by other dogs and I hope all of you humans believe in all of us dogs but whether you do or not we can't promise that you won't 'perish' but we can promise to make your lives very happy and worth living. We don't judge you - even though you have muddled thinking which is a statement of fact and not a judgement - and we save you from feeling bad by giving you more love than eternal life could possibly hold. You don't have to eat or drink anything in particular to show you remember us though if you do have chicken do remember not to give us the bones as they are bad for us and if you do have chocolate eggs do remember not to give us the chocolate as that also makes us unwell - and dogs remember not to eat it but you can eat the inside of some eggs as I am doing below and eggs that are begotten of chickens that aren't of chocolate . We'd much rather have a juicy meaty bone (not from chickens or turkeys so it might be better to have beef or lamb for your Easter Sunday lunch) or I like bombel cheese (Pleease J ) but will unconditionally love you whether you give one of those or not.

Happy Yappy Easter Sunday!

Love and Licks, Ted XOXOX

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Ted's Good Friday Message

Today is Good Friday and so Emma said she was going to have a Hot Cross Bun with her mug of tea. Emma drinks many mugs of tea in a day but this one was her special one cos it was the first one and so it would be the one that wakes her up or as she says it 'resurrects' her. She also has another special one which is the last one she has before she goes to bed at night and is the one that she says sends her to sleep. She says it has something in it that does both things depending on what time it is in the day, though my other humans say that is nonsense. Yes, I know what you're thinking I'm going to say, it's muddled thinking again and all humans have it so the ones who say it doesn't make sense also say things that don't make sense themselves so 'they are ones to talk' though they are talking. Aren't humans confusing?! There was one person - and I don't know who it was - who called a Hot Cross Bun a 'Hot Cross Bun' so I thought I would go and have a look at Emma's Hot Cross Bun and see if I could understand why it was called that. I sniffed at the same time as looking. The first thing I discovered was that Emma's Hot Cross Bun wasn't hot at all. In fact it was completely cold. It also wasn't cross at all. I know when something is cross - it usually turns red - which would also tell you it's hot which it wasn't - and move around a lot very rapidly and in quite a scary way - it didn't do any of that at all and just stayed sitting still on the arm of the chair - which I find hard to do cos when I'm sitting on the arm of the chair I'm very active ready to greet people that I can see from it. I looked at the Hot Cross Bun for a long time to see if anything would happen and nothing happened at all. In fact the only thing it did that seemed to be right to me was to be a bun. A bun is bread in a different shape and that is what it was and I was very good and didn't try eating it cos dogs mustn't eat too much bread cos it's bad for us. Then Emma came to actually have her Hot Cross Bun and tea and I looked at her to tell her I didn't understand what it was and also wagged my tail to show her what a good boy I'd been and she said I was anyway. Emma said she also didn't know why it's called a Hot Cross Bun - she said she could have had it hot by heating it up but she didn't and that maybe it was cross cos it has a cross on it - which is true it did - we could both see that by looking at it - and then she said she thought it was something to do with Jesus cos he was killed on a cross on Good Friday lots of many years ago and humans are supposed to eat them on Good Friday for him. That confused me even more cos it can't have been very nice for Jesus to be killed on a cross so I don't understand why that meant it got called Good Friday - I mean surely it should be Bad Friday - and I don't know why eating Hot Cross Buns would help him. Emma said it was good cos he saved all humans by dying himself. I love humans very much but I don't see why they would need someone to die for them. Emma said Jesus then got resurrected to be with God - and he did it without having a mug of tea - and that's why it was good for him too. She then laughed and said Jesus didn't have a DoG so that's why he had to got to be with GoD which is dog backwards. I laughed with her but I think she was being very silly. Still if that's the reason then I am a dog and I care for humans cos I love them and I want to make your Friday very Good J

Love and Licks, Ted XOXOX

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Happy 15th Fred Noble JRT aka Ted Terrier

Happy 15th Birthday Over The Rainbow Bridge Dearest Darling Angel-Dog Fred Noble JRT. We know you have your wings!!! XOX
heart emoticon
smile emoti

May you always rest peacefully, little guardian of unconditional love. ☀♥☀

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Owned by a JRT

I am/was as lucky as can be cos the world's best jack russell owned ME smile emoticon heart emoticon XOX

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!

This morning I went into our garden and dug up a daffodil for my human mum cos that's what you do for mother's day is give your mum a lovely present like flowers or chocolates - which you mustn't eat yourself - and show her how much you love her and how good she is at being your mum. And then there was a lot of fuss and gasps of 'Oh Ted!' so I think I did very well even though my human dad's face looked a bit red after he'd gone into the garden and saw the holes where I dug and came back again. Maybe he was upset that I didn't get one for him but he'll have to wait for father's day and also the ones that were left were crumpled cos it's hard to dig in a tidy way. Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers of All Species! Lots of Love and Licks Ted XOX

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Thursday, 29 January 2015


Here is the lead Fred used to take himself for a walk :) XOX ...

Monday, 26 January 2015

MEMORIES OF FRED NOBLE J.R.T. 2000-2015 By His Human Sister Penny Noble

Much of Fred’s Legacy lies in his pawtobiographical journals written under the pseudonym Ted Terrier with human sister pen-name Emma Knight, and called simply ‘The Journal of Ted Terrier’ and ‘The Second Journal of Ted Terrier’.

However those are from his POV and also part fiction so I wanted to write this from my, his real human sister’s, POV. This ‘memoir’ is a collection of my unedited, non-fictionalised, memories of the Dearest Dog ever to have walked by my side; my furry brother and bestest FRiEnD Fred.

*    When I think of Fred the first memory that strikes me is of him sitting on my lap and throwing his head back to look at my face. He always wanted to know how his humans were feeling and the best way for a dog to do that – I have since learned – is to read your face. I believe Fred could pick feelings up anyway… and then he always knew how to be with you… he was the best therapist.
*    The next as I sit here in the living-room of his home – the room in which we first met, is Fred and what became his armchair. Over the 15 years of his life the seat has sunk maybe reflecting how he couldn’t jump up so high as he got older and so it seemed to adapt so he could still get on and curl up in it. For many years though he watched the world go by with back paws on the arm of the chair and front on the windowsill – tail ready to wag and mouth ready to bark a greeting, eyes and ears alert. He’d be there for hours and several neighbours have told me they loved to see him there and gave him a wave. He always wanted to be able to watch his visitors leave too so would go up when someone had left…
*    And when they arrived Fred’s welcome was effusive! It involved a great deal of dashing around the house, running off and back, lots of tail wagging and kissing and hugs – he loved to hug!
*    FRED made FRiEnDs very easily be it in his e-life, his neighbourhood or with anyone visiting his home.
*    Fred was the perfect host providing fully attentive company and entertainment. He’d love to join in the consumption of food! And if you just so happened to have a spare bone (not poultry of course) he’d happily oblige taking it away and chewing it on the nearest carpet. Mince always went down very well too. And as a puppy slippers and shoes, especially the laces.
*    Fred always wanted to be with his humans. He’d follow us round wherever we went and then, as soon as he’d worked out where you were going to sit, he’d have jumped up and sat on the seat before you. Care needed to be taken not to sit on him! He’d laugh with you if you did though. If two of his humans were sitting on the sofa with him, he had to be the one in between getting all the attention.
*    Fred the escapee used to squeeze through holes in fences and visit the neighbours. They loved him and would never want to send him back home. But the time would come for the visit to end and unless Fred came back himself, many times the doorbell went and we opened to reveal Fred in a friendly neighbour’s arms.  When one of us left the home he used to bolt out past the offender heading down to where our cars were parked wanting to come too. Sometimes he would. He loved car-rides especially long ones down going on holiday to the countryside.
*    When his care could not quite be enough – paws do make certain care tasks very challenging - Fred attracted other humans to his home. His human family needed support and one day Fred was walking out with a home-help. A lady saw him and came to the house asking if anyone in the home needed help. She then helped for several years.
*    Fred made everyone love him – even those who previously hated dogs!
*    And Fred adored humans but didn’t like his own species!
*    Fred loved chasing and pestering cats and had a love/hate relationship with his feline sister Brody.
*    Fred created games to play with his humans and was such a tease. One involved going out for a wander in the garden at the back of the house, disappearing and then barking outside the front door to be let in. Another trying to get through his humans legs to run upstairs when the stair-gate was open – he’d wait though and time it just right when you thought he wouldn’t actually do it.
*    Fred had very specific and special relationships with each of his humans. With his human dad he really enjoyed helping with the gardening. And whether sitting or lying down, the pose he struck was so often identical to Dad’s.
*    Fred ended a period of my writer’s block and so inspired what all my friends say is my best creativity! Together we have written the factional Journals of Ted Terrier. He also loved to take me for walks – and yes it really was that way around - his ears bouncing along way ahead as I tried to keep up laughing all the way. Fred the healer knew how to sit on my lap so that his bum applied warmth and pressure to my bad thigh easing the pain a great deal. We enjoyed the best ever hugs!
*    Fred was very gentle with his human mum. He provided the most caring and supportive presence for her. The love he showed to members of his human family had no limits.
*       Fred loved to take himself for walks when there were no humans available – the handle of his lead is covered in toothmarks as testament.
*    Fred was able to bring out emotion in those usually unemotional. He sensed everybody and what they needed.
*    And Fred trained us to meet his needs too. When his back legs were paralysed he barked requests to us – ‘Lift me on the sofa’, ‘Lift me off the sofa’, ‘Take me upstairs’, ‘Take me downstairs’, ‘Food and water’!
*    Fred was a ginormous presence out of all proportion with his size! His absence is keenly felt in so many ways. This home really was his home and he was master of the house.
*    Fred enjoyed bed-hopping. During the night he would go to each of our bedrooms in turn and spend the night sleeping next to, under or even on the bed. I left my bedroom door open every night. In he’d come tail wagging and a great big smile on his face. Up he’d come for cuddles and to somehow leave me no space to sleep, which is odd given how small he was!
*    Younger Fred had great passion for… the legs of male humans… and failing that my arm. He could only be stopped by calling him Jack! In relation to his own species he was a virgin.
*    Fred adored Babybel cheese. It would send him into a frenzy of excitement. It did come in handy for helping to give him his pills til he got wise to the trick. In fact he was so clever he got wise to most tricks!
*    Fred has a foot fetish! He absolutely loved licking them, especially his human dad’s.
*    And I had a fetish for his velvety ears. I loved to stroke and kiss them. 
*    As much as Fred was a typical ball dog, he would play with any toy presented to him. Unfortunately that usually meant catching and destroying rather than returning. However most people said they’d rather have Fred than the toy.
*    For the vast majority of his life Fred was manic and bouncy. Later his body was calmer but he always had the energy to greet his humans and give them love. I will never forget coming home from hospital on crutches - just a few weeks before he passed away - Fred’s back legs hardly worked. Yet then, and also on his penultimate day on this earth, he got himself to the door surprisingly quickly and gave me the most enthusiastic greeting he could muster. He then turned and hopped up the step into the house pulling himself up with front legs. I followed pulling myself up on crutches. Like a little double-act. Better with two :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

FRiEnDs of FRED :) XOX

Dear FRiEnDs of FRED 
smile emoticon

I know most of you have already liked the page of his alter ego Ted Terrier. Now that he is a little angel - well he always was - in doggie heaven - he wants to make sure he can carry on communicating with yous as Ted. If you are seeing this then you are following his blog and you can also follow him on facebook and twitter:
Love and Licks Always and Furever 
heart emoticon

P.S. And his already published books,
The Journal of Ted Terrier and The Second Journal of Ted Terrier from any amazon website: at .com or at or read about it as well as other dog books at…/11/26/the-journal-of-ted-terr…/ .

Monday, 19 January 2015

In Loving Memory of Fred Noble JRT, 2000-2015

Fred Noble JRT 2000-2015. 

It is with the greatest sadness that we announce the passing on Tuesday 13th January 2015 of Fred Noble creative partner (as Ted Terrier) and furry brother of Emma Knight (aka Penny Noble). He is greatly missed in the fur and it is a devastating loss but he lives eternally as the largest third of the creative team (with his pen-holder Emma Knight and artist Sue Mynall) that make up the character Ted Terrier and together have written 2 books 'The Journal of Ted Terrier' and 'The Second Journal of Ted terrier' - with a third one coming soon - on his observations of  and relationships with humans. 

He was the most loving, fun ("the funniest size") and funny, adorable, extremely empathic and highly intelligent dog that we have ever known. He was also telepathic and will continue to send all his thoughts and feelings for Emma to communicate in his books, blog, facebook and twitter. He had been ill for a few years having been "cushinged" and then attacked by a nasty nerve disease leaving him partly paralysed. Now he is at peace and we are sure enjoying chasing halos in doggie heaven. More tributes will follow. Thank all of you so much for following his blog and please do keep in touch with him always as he will with you. 

Love and Licks Ted Terrier XOX