Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Perfect Pooch Ponderings :)

Just posted this up at "Emma and me wanna tell you about the highly moving and entertaining biodography called 'Nobody's Poodle' of the totally Gorgeous Gizmo aka Snr Giz, who with human mum Nikki Attree runs Wooftastic Books ( which has books by and about dogs including ours but this is about his one. It is the story of how he travelled from the UK to Tenerife following his then humans, but how so sadly they abandoned him - they had reasons and he was very forgiving but it's still a very horrible thing to do - but how he bravely survived all sorts of adventures and perils, which make you laugh and cry and bark and howl all at the same time and different times too. Giz is a highly intelligent pooch - like me I have to say ;) - with a wonderful wit and sense of the different personalities of his fellow species - that's dogs - who come into his story and make us cheer and growl and yap and do whirly dances in sympathy, sadness, annoyance and joy. Giz is so courageous and though his story will have you on the edge of your seat or biting your paws in concern it all works out fine and we won't spoil it by telling you how except that it has to do with lovely Nikki Attree :).

Sadly too many dogs get abandoned by humans but fortunately so many of them then get adopted by other humans to go live in their furever homes. Dogs love humans unconditionally. Well this dog - me - Ted Terrier - absolutely adores them! Please, humans, read this story and be inspired to do all you can to help and adopt abandoned dogs or support the charities set up to help dogs with no homes to look after them or find new homes. Love, hugs and licks Ted Terrier XOX"

Review posted on behalf of Ted Terrier writer of The Journal of Ted Terrier and The Second Journal of Ted Terrier.

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