Monday, 30 June 2014

Ted Queueing the Barbs :)

When the sun comes out mad dogs and Englishmen go out in it at midday so humans say :) Well I am not a mad dog - I'm a very sensible one - but I go out in it and in other weather any time at all though rain often stops me doing it cos the drops of water make me go all shaky. Humans of other nationalities also go out in the sun but mostly not at midday cos they know it is too hot and may make them feel unwell or go mad themselves. For English humans the sun is so rare that they wanna make the most of every last shine of it. And then when it happens they also wanna cook outside and they have barbeques - which doesn't mean queueing for barbs but putting meat, or if you want vegetables but I'd rather have meat, on top of hot coals til it's ready for eating - and they get all excited and invite other humans round to enjoy it with them too. The sun came out last week and so I helped my humans do the barbequeing of sausages - which for some reason get called hot dogs when they get put in buns, which they often do after they've been queued on the barb - cos that's one of the main things they like to barbeque and then I ate some too cos I like them too and I was really the hottest dog! This week it has been raining but I hope we can do mad hot dogs again soon :)
P.S. Emma has just said we spelt barbeque wrong and it is actually barbecue but we got confused cos people make it into a smaller word as BBQ ;)

Love and licks, Ted  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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