Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Adverts – necessary or nuisance?

You are happily sitting on your sofa, or in your armchair, or even in bed – and if like me when I’m doing what I’m about to write about, you have a loved one next to you, who if they’re human may be laughing, crying or gasping, or even trying to hide behind the sofa or chair… and then suddenly, often with no warning at all, they stop doing those things and instead it’s a ‘tut’ or ‘I hate this’ cos they are annoyed… and what has happened is the TV show or film we were watching has suddenly stopped and the adverts have come on. And then if it’s my human mum, Jane, she says ‘Why do there have to be so many adverts?’ And it does interrupt the flow of drama and enjoyment of the programme, and then you don’t know when it will come back, and as Emma says, if you have time to get tea and do anything else you may need to do.
And I am writing this to go with yet another advert about me and my book! But the good thing about this is that it won’t interrupt your enjoyment of anything cos I am giving you a story along with it so this ‘show’ does not stop, and also it’s not stopping any other show you may be enjoying cos you have chosen to look at it.
I do agree that adverts can be a nuisance and I certainly don’t want to annoy anyone by giving you lots of nuisances or being a nuisance – though my human father, Peter, says I often am a nuisance but he seems to find it funny so I am obviously an entertaining nuisance – but adverts are good to tell you about things you may need or want, and some of them are entertaining and nice to look at as well, like I hope you think my adverts are. And if you are trying to tell people about something nice you have to offer them, you often have to repeat telling them about it cos you don’t know when they will be there to see it, so you have to do it many times and in different ways so those who do keep seeing it don’t get bored, and that they see your thing amidst all the other things people are trying to tell you about.
So maybe I am a necessary, naughty nuisance but I am very nice… as is my book and blog, which are what we are advertising J
Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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