Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sun Fun Here We Come! :)

I am a frolicker - which doesn't mean that I lick fros and I don't even know what a fro is or if it really exists - when it comes to the sun cos I love to run about in it and it's sunny today and so I've been doing a lot of frolicking! Emma doesn't frolick in it quite so much as me as the sun - as she puts it - plays havoc with her freckles, making more of them - or makes the bits of her that don't have freckles go red. I don't have freckles so I don't have that problem. For anyone who doesn't know - cos I didn't - freckles are like much smaller versions of the brown patches that I have on me. I am mostly white with brown spots. Emma is mostly light pink with tiny brown spots. And of course I have a lot more hair than she does, although hers is longer than mine even when I'm scruffy Ted.

And when I'm tired of frolicking I will rest on the garden seat as you can see...

What do you enjoy doing in the sun?

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
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Friday, 24 April 2009

It's ME! :)

I am demonstrating how nice it feels to be tickled!
Love and Licks, Ted and Emma, The Tickler XOXOXOX
The Blogs of Ted Terrier © 2009 by Emma Knight

Monday, 13 April 2009

Bo in The White House

Dear Dog Friends and Companions,

I just heard - well actually I heard a while ago but as usual had to wait for Emma to come to type my thoughts about it - that the Obama's Special Advisor Dog in The White House will be a Portuguese Water Dog and they will call him Bo. I was very disappointed at first - why not a JRT cos we are so good at everything and I thought they made a mistake - but it seems that one of the young humans he is looking after is allergic to dogs - which means that whenever she (the human girl) is near him (the dog) she sneezes and feels ill which isn't a very desirable thing to happen cos then they're not happy companions cos friends don't make each other ill, or at least if they do it's not very good really - and Bo is hypoallergenic, which means that he doesn't make her allergic. I understand this sort of thing cos Emma is allergic and would normally be allergic to me and Yorky cos we wear fur and that's one of the things that makes her allergic, but she says her level of allergicness is controlled by tablets she swallows and drugs she breathes in with her nose, but it would seem that Malia Obama is more allergic or that she doesn't have drugs. Anyway whichever it is Bo is also a gift and so that's probably another reason why he was accepted cos it's not nice to reject a gift. He may not be as intelligent as me but he will be useful cos he likes water and catching fish - I hope they like to eat fish!!
And they are calling him Bo! 'The face of Bo, they called me' said Captain Jack to The Doctor and Martha. That made them think that he was the character called The Face of Boe. Actually, as Emma says we're not very sure about the spelling cos we think the face of Boe had an e rather than just Bo, but we also thought that Captain Jack would be The Face of Beau cos that means beautiful in French and we both think he is. Anyway, given that this dog has the face of Bo, then maybe he will be very brave and live for a long time and serve everyone very well.

Good Luck Bo and remember to contact me, Ted, any time for advice on supporting humans.


The Blogs of Ted Terrier © 2009 by Emma Knight