Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bathtime?… No!

Today a lovely friend of Emma’s sent us pictures of kittens in sinks. That reminded me I was gonna tell you what I think about baths. I’d hate to be in a sink! Even more I’d hate to be in a bath! It’s not that I mind being clean really though if I am clean I don’t smell like a dog like I am supposed to and like Emma loves. Oh she is wriggling her nose now and saying that she doesn’t mind me smelling clean with a bit of doggy smell too, but it’s not about the smell but about how I look and sometimes I’m growing dreadlocks – which aren’t locks that you dread – but hair all stuck together. But she once grew dreadlocks and people said she looked very interesting with them. She said with mine I look funny. When I was taken to the doggy beautician she took all my hair off and I didn’t look like me at all and Emma asked me who I was when I came to greet her when she next came home. I didn’t look funny or interesting but bald. I don’t like water, except to drink as I’ve already told you. When it’s on me it makes me cold and wet and shivery and scared. Emma says it doesn’t hurt but it does. She doesn’t like me bald though – she likes me as ‘Mr. Scruffy-Puff’ - and she also knows I find it traumatic being beautified by the doggy beautician so she now does it. She will only do it when it’s warm enough outside so I don’t have to be in a bath but I can have a shower instead with not much water and she can do it carefully and I don’t have to be in it too long so I don’t get scared, but it has been cold outside for a very long time and so I am looking the scruffiest puff that there ever was! And cos humans have put too many of the wrong gases into the sky – yes that muddled thinking they have again – or this time they did it without thinking or knowing what would happen if they did that - it’s gonna be cold for a long time even after the time when it becomes British summer-time. Now they understand it but too late and the jet stream – which isn’t a stream of jets but air currents – is in the wrong place on the world and so not bringing the right air or wind to us. So Emma is gonna have to wait to make me less of a scruff and less of a puff unless she does it without me getting clean at the same time, which would be possible if she just cuts my dreaded locks off. At least I hope she does wait or I’m likely to look like this…

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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