Monday, 15 December 2008

Wishing a Merry Christmas and Plenty of Babybel Cheese!

Dear Friends and Family,

This is just to wish you all a happy christmas and merry new year - I wanted to write it the other way around than usual, but apparently humans don't say merry new year, which probably explains why many of them don't find it very merry at all, so I'm going against human rules, as I often do, and wishing you merriment for 2009!
Oh and plenty of presents to make you happy and pleasantly stuffed - though not like a turkey or you might get put in the oven, which wouldn't be very good - on Christmas Day. I am looking forward to lots of Babybel cheese, which is my very favourite thing of all time! I'd like to get Emma her very favourite thing of all time, but John Barrowman isn't available to us cos he is being looked after by another JRT called Captain Jack, and also I think he'd be too big for her stocking, which isn't a real stocking at all cos it'd look very silly on someone's leg especially as each person has two legs and only one stocking so one leg would be bare - for dogs it'd be even worse cos we have four legs, but maybe that means we should have two stockings and get more presents!
What are you all looking forward to for Christmas and what are your new years resolutions?

Love n licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOX

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