Friday, 27 September 2013

Brody the Cat

All the things that are in my Journal – that you can buy from amazon websites; I keep reminding you of that cos not everybody knows or remembers and I know you’d love to have your own copies – are faction; which means that they are a mixture of the real happenings in my life and my humans’ lives and some happenings that are made up, or things that are changed about people, so that nobody that reads it will really know which is which, and so people and dogs and cats and any other someones in it will have their privacy protected (if they are worried about that) but also it’s fun to write things creatively to make it more exciting – though really my life and happenings in it are exciting enough for anyone! And cos that was a very long sentence I suggest you take a breather before the next bit… What I am about to share with you, as with some of the other things on this blog, is totally real life. I had a feline frenemy, sister and co-inhabitant of my house and she was called Brody. I miss her very much cos she disappeared and didn’t come back, which I know means she died. I wrote an ode to her after it happened… it’s still unfinished but I thought I’d share it. And our friend Sue, has done a picture of me and Brody showing one of the things that would be common to happen between is which is I share a toy with her and she is completely non-plussed – which doesn’t mean she was minussed but that she didn’t care at all about it – and then I pretended to be surprised, which I wasn’t really cos she also pretended she didn’t like me and I pretended I didn’t like her… and really we loved each other, which you can do even if someone annoys you a great deal. Anyway the ode will explain some of that…

Ted’s Unfinished Ode to Brody
Warning to readers and Brody in Cat Heaven: This could go horribly wrong cos even though I’m a dog of many talents I’m not really sure if I’m actually a poet and do not know it.

          Brody was a cat,
          Nothing very odd about that,
          She was the love of my life,
          But definitely not my wife,
          She was older than me,
          Though she never drank tea,
          My rhyming is bad,
          Oh isn’t it sad,
          She used to climb on a table,
          When she was able,
          To get away from me,
          To eat her tea,
          I’ve used tea twice,
          Maybe that’s not very nice,
          She’d purr at the slightest touch,
          And oh so very much,
          But certainly not for me,
          And I say that with glee,
          I annoyed her something rotten,
          And that was when I gotten,
          Her tail in my mouth,
          And she tried to move South,
          Or North, East or West,
          Whichever way was best,
          To get away from me,
          Oh poor, Dear Brody.

          Her first companion was Bea,
          Now her she did not fear,
          Bea went away,
          That poor dog had had her day,
          She died of a tumour,
          Of that I heard a rumour,
          And then along came me,
          Oh my God, poor Brody,
          Cos I was rough and tough,
          And she didn’t like that stuff,
          They’d grown up together,
          Not at the end of anyone’s tether,
          Cos Bea was royal,
          Even though I am loyal,
          Bea was gentle,
          And certainly not mental,
          Unlike me all over the place,
          Taking up lots of space.

          Me and Pen called her White Bum,
          And I have a big tum,
          Even though that’s not relevant,
          This rhyme is irreverent,
          My ode has no structure,
          And the wood gate I did fracture,
          When Brody climbed the stairs,
          She’d do that in pairs,
          This ode is unfinished,
          There’s more I could’ve wished,
          I will return to it sometime,
          When I find I have some more rhyme...

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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