Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! XOX

Dear Everybody!

I got a Valentine!! Woofyay! 
And you can see from my face what I thought and how I felt!!  
But I don't know who it's from cos you didn't put your name!
So please tell me which of you loves me this much?! ;) :)

I love ALL of YOU as many times as I do my spinning welcoming dance for someone when they arrive at my home and that's a lot of times!

Lots of love, hugs and Licks, Ted Terrier XOX


powerjen51 said...

Aww sweet, I wonder who sent the Valentine to you Ted?

Ted and Emma said...

Hi Jen!
Nobody has confessed yet.
I'll lick everybody til someone admits to it ;)
Love n licks Ted XOX