Thursday, 20 February 2014

Champ - My Story of Survival - Fiona Ingram

Emma and me wanna tell you about a totally inspiring and heart-breaking yet then heart-warming book we have just read which is the true story of a little dog named Champ - well it's also a gorgeously written work of fiction called "How Superdog Champ Saved the Day" which had us both cheering (Emma), woofing (me) and smiling and all excited, moved and delighted - that's inside it too. Champ was badly abused by some people - in his real life this is - and left for dead in plastic bags, but was then rescued and nursed and dogtored and loved back to life by some other totally amazing people.

Sadly this sort of thing happens to far too many dogs and other animals. In fact it even happens to humans themselves by other humans. Champ's story is inspirational to all of us of whatever species and helps spread the word about these horrific inhumanities, which actually can lead to wonderful acts of support, love and all the best that humans have to offer in their humanity! Yay to that! Dogs love humans unconditionally. Well this dog - me - Ted Terrier - absolutely adores them! Please, humans, read this story and be inspired to do all you can to help stop horribleness to others and make the world a happy place for all species  Love, hugs and licks Ted Terrier XOX

The link to his biodography by the very clever and lovely author Fiona Ingram can be found at Wooftastic Books:


Oz theTerrier said...

Ted, this sounds like a wonderful book. I love stories with happy endings.

Ted and Emma said...

I highly recommend it and it does have a happy ending :) Ted XOX