Friday, 28 February 2014

Facebooking Friends!

For some time now I have been a dog who journals and then a dog who blogs and then a dog who tweets – even though I’m a dog not a bird – and now I am a dog who facebooks so I put my face up and write as you do in books – even though it’s not really a book it certainly has lots of faces in it - and I go around liking as well as licking everybody! I enjoy it so much that I do a lot of wagging my tail and woofing while I communicate with all of you adorable humans and dogs and dogs with humans and humans with dogs… oh and some cats and some other species too! This pic is to show you how I do it J 

And when I make a new friend I whizz around in my whirly greeting dance and have a great big smile on my face and I usually bark-laugh too! And then you can go to parties with dancing and meating and eating and greating and drinking and did I say eating, and clubs where you can read books and make things and show others the things you’ve created even if it’s a mess and even go on explorations for monsters and help raise money for good causes - just as you might in real life - and see all the things your facebook friends are doing every day. And know when their birthdays are and say Happy Birthday and get all their news about the exciting things happening in their lives too! And these friends are all over the world and go to their baskets or beds at different times so whatever time you visit there will always be someone there. And there are just so many of them to love which is great cos I love loving! If you want to be a fellow twit or face then I’m TedTerrierMe at both J

Love and licks, follows and liking, Ted  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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