Monday, 25 May 2009

It's a Bank Holiday but Emma's not a Bank!

Dear All Bankers or Not,

Today is bank holiday in England, which means that many people don't work whether they usually work in a bank or not. What it actually means is that the banks or financial-type shop places are shut but that's all really and everybody else just takes a holiday in any case. It used to mean that everywhere was shut and you couldn't buy anything but now people can go out shopping too cos they're not working - not earning money but spending it - well they get the money anyway cos it's a holiday they're entitled to with pay as well. Some people still work though; either cos they choose to or cos they have to. Hospitals have to keep going cos people can still get sick so doctors and nurses work. And the police still have to work cos there may be even more people on the streets to commit crimes or have them committed to them. And the people serving the people going shopping need to be there to take their money. And some people just work cos they love it or for some other strange or not reason.

Emma says she isn't a bank and also doesn't work in a bank but she has decided to do some research so that she can find out some things that she wants to know; which is what research is, and so she is at the computer looking for those things and I have taken advantage and asked her to blog a bit for us!

Hope you're having a good day whether you're a banker or not!

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
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Anonymous said...

I think on bank holidays everything should be closed. Well, I guess hospitals, transport services and petrol stations couldn't.