Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sun Fun Here We Come! :)

I am a frolicker - which doesn't mean that I lick fros and I don't even know what a fro is or if it really exists - when it comes to the sun cos I love to run about in it and it's sunny today and so I've been doing a lot of frolicking! Emma doesn't frolick in it quite so much as me as the sun - as she puts it - plays havoc with her freckles, making more of them - or makes the bits of her that don't have freckles go red. I don't have freckles so I don't have that problem. For anyone who doesn't know - cos I didn't - freckles are like much smaller versions of the brown patches that I have on me. I am mostly white with brown spots. Emma is mostly light pink with tiny brown spots. And of course I have a lot more hair than she does, although hers is longer than mine even when I'm scruffy Ted.

And when I'm tired of frolicking I will rest on the garden seat as you can see...

What do you enjoy doing in the sun?

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ted! Is Sheila here! Sorry to call you Fred before. I don't know why but sometimes I mix names and faces and I say opposite things to what I have in mind. Fred is somebody else's dog.
I feel sad,cause my sister is want the divorce. Sad cause I worry about her a lot and I worry about my two nephews and my brother in law. She says she loves her husband,but not as a couple anymore. I don't understan. I don't like broken homes, it's close to the feeling you have when someone dies.And I can't stand death even when is part of life. Sorry to star with sadness!
Anyway... I get freckles in summer time too. When I used to play to be a goth I cared a lot and I even avoided to go to the beach. Now, I have found my real me and I don't care anymore. In fact I love going to the sea side and swimming with my partner. Oh yes! I am a... Well, I don't like labels, but I guess most people would call me rockabilly. I prefer when people recognise me as a Morrissey fan though, because he's my favourite singer ever! That's why I have been called Sheila, as one song by The Smiths. Sheila Take A Bow!!
I love writing to you! I wish I could do it more often!
Tara Ted!!

Anonymous said...

I wrote to fast and I did some misspelling as I guess you saw. Oops!!
Sheila xx

Ted and Emma said...

Hi again Sheila,
Please don't worry about the name thing - Fred is someone else's dog - and an alter ego of me too - Ted Terrier is my professional name - like Sheila is your name as a Morrissey fan. I'd love to listen to Morrissey songs and learn to rockabilly with you - do you think dogs can do that?
I am very happy that you are happy with your freckles - maybe you can help Emma feel better about hers - well she said you already did so that's good - she has to read all this too so she can type for me - we are literally co-dependent but in a very healthy way unlike what it usually means!
I am very sorry about your sister. I am afraid this is often a problem that human beings have cos they do marriage with each other and then they decide they no longer love someone and want to unmarry (or divorce as you say) and then the person they married to gets upset and so do the children they created by mating with each other. Dogs don't and can't have such problems cos we don't stop loving people or each other once we start and we always love our puppies too even though we have to let them go and have their own lives without us. We also don't get married but make puppies with whichever boy or girl dog we meet and like depending of course on whether we are a boy or a girl. In my case I am a boy and I like boy humans but that's a whole nother story - maybe I will blog more about it sometime - it's already in my journal. I really am so sorry that humans can hurt each other so much and I really hope your sister and her family sort this out so that everyone is happy again.
I also love writing to you this way, Sheila.
Lotsa love and licks to you... oh I wanted to write something else but Emma said it maybe something I should tell you I want to do to you in private and not on here!
Ted (via Emma's hands) XOXOXOXOX