Friday, 3 April 2015

Ted's Good Friday Message

Today is Good Friday and so Emma said she was going to have a Hot Cross Bun with her mug of tea. Emma drinks many mugs of tea in a day but this one was her special one cos it was the first one and so it would be the one that wakes her up or as she says it 'resurrects' her. She also has another special one which is the last one she has before she goes to bed at night and is the one that she says sends her to sleep. She says it has something in it that does both things depending on what time it is in the day, though my other humans say that is nonsense. Yes, I know what you're thinking I'm going to say, it's muddled thinking again and all humans have it so the ones who say it doesn't make sense also say things that don't make sense themselves so 'they are ones to talk' though they are talking. Aren't humans confusing?! There was one person - and I don't know who it was - who called a Hot Cross Bun a 'Hot Cross Bun' so I thought I would go and have a look at Emma's Hot Cross Bun and see if I could understand why it was called that. I sniffed at the same time as looking. The first thing I discovered was that Emma's Hot Cross Bun wasn't hot at all. In fact it was completely cold. It also wasn't cross at all. I know when something is cross - it usually turns red - which would also tell you it's hot which it wasn't - and move around a lot very rapidly and in quite a scary way - it didn't do any of that at all and just stayed sitting still on the arm of the chair - which I find hard to do cos when I'm sitting on the arm of the chair I'm very active ready to greet people that I can see from it. I looked at the Hot Cross Bun for a long time to see if anything would happen and nothing happened at all. In fact the only thing it did that seemed to be right to me was to be a bun. A bun is bread in a different shape and that is what it was and I was very good and didn't try eating it cos dogs mustn't eat too much bread cos it's bad for us. Then Emma came to actually have her Hot Cross Bun and tea and I looked at her to tell her I didn't understand what it was and also wagged my tail to show her what a good boy I'd been and she said I was anyway. Emma said she also didn't know why it's called a Hot Cross Bun - she said she could have had it hot by heating it up but she didn't and that maybe it was cross cos it has a cross on it - which is true it did - we could both see that by looking at it - and then she said she thought it was something to do with Jesus cos he was killed on a cross on Good Friday lots of many years ago and humans are supposed to eat them on Good Friday for him. That confused me even more cos it can't have been very nice for Jesus to be killed on a cross so I don't understand why that meant it got called Good Friday - I mean surely it should be Bad Friday - and I don't know why eating Hot Cross Buns would help him. Emma said it was good cos he saved all humans by dying himself. I love humans very much but I don't see why they would need someone to die for them. Emma said Jesus then got resurrected to be with God - and he did it without having a mug of tea - and that's why it was good for him too. She then laughed and said Jesus didn't have a DoG so that's why he had to got to be with GoD which is dog backwards. I laughed with her but I think she was being very silly. Still if that's the reason then I am a dog and I care for humans cos I love them and I want to make your Friday very Good J

Love and Licks, Ted XOXOX

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Cousin Jugalo interrupting Linda said...

I think they're better hot, I like the raisins, but they're not good for dogs so you could make a cross with two bones before you start to chew on them, or if someone gave you three you'd have two to cross and one to chew, until you were ready to start on the next ones, and by then it wouldn't be good Friday. Sorry I'm losing the plot here.

Ted and Emma said...

Hahaha Jugalo!!! You are FAB! XOX