Sunday, 5 April 2015

Ted's Easter Sunday Sermon on the Chair (not the Mount)

Today is Easter Sunday and that is the day when many humans - especially if they are Christian though you can still do it if you want and you're not called Christian - go to church to sing songs to celebrate Jesus being resurrected - without the help of a mug of tea - to go and be with God cos he didn't have a Dog to look after him. (I talk about that in my Good Friday Message.) They also drink wine and eat bits of bread which is supposed to be his blood and bits of his body but I'd much rather have a nice meaty bone, which would also have blood and bits of body on it - Emma is pulling a face; hers not mine and I don't mean literally pulling it but turning it into s funny shape cos she doesn't like what I'm saying. Jesus was obviously a very nice man who tried to do a lot for people to heal them and save them from their ways of being cos 'they know not what they do'. I agree with him and they don't know it cos they have muddled thinking. That's why I also try to save humans and make them better. God is Jesus' father. Jesus was created by God who gave him to humans to look after and some of them didn't do it very well. I was created by a Dog and then given to humans to look after but they did do it very well but I also look after them cos I love them as did Jesus love all of us. Another man called John said in his chapter 3, verse 16 and 17 in the bible…

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall on perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him…"

The Dog who created me also created other dogs and so I am not the only begotten son and there are also lots of dogs created by other dogs and I hope all of you humans believe in all of us dogs but whether you do or not we can't promise that you won't 'perish' but we can promise to make your lives very happy and worth living. We don't judge you - even though you have muddled thinking which is a statement of fact and not a judgement - and we save you from feeling bad by giving you more love than eternal life could possibly hold. You don't have to eat or drink anything in particular to show you remember us though if you do have chicken do remember not to give us the bones as they are bad for us and if you do have chocolate eggs do remember not to give us the chocolate as that also makes us unwell - and dogs remember not to eat it but you can eat the inside of some eggs as I am doing below and eggs that are begotten of chickens that aren't of chocolate . We'd much rather have a juicy meaty bone (not from chickens or turkeys so it might be better to have beef or lamb for your Easter Sunday lunch) or I like bombel cheese (Pleease J ) but will unconditionally love you whether you give one of those or not.

Happy Yappy Easter Sunday!

Love and Licks, Ted XOXOX

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Linda said...

Hi Ted, no cooked bones remember only raw ones, and lots of the bird eggs raw or cooked. Easter egg hunts are really good times to have a dog with you, but then again every time is really good to have a dog, and while they may be too little to literally carry you they lift your spirits and make you feel lighter ever day so that is resurrecting without coffee.

Ted and Emma said...

Thanks Auntie Linda. Yes I am Ted the Resurrector without Coffee or Tea just Me :)... or any other dog :) XOX