Monday, 17 November 2014

Attacked by Arthuritis!

Hi Everyone,
I'm not very well . As you will know I got Cushinged many years ago and I have to take tablets - I don't like doing it but they scare the Cushings away so make me decushinged so that's good. But now I seem to have been attached by ArthurItis! Emma got very worried cos I was doing a lot of panting and shaking and cos some weeks ago my dear vet Nicki told us I had a heart murmur, she thought it was my heart and she got very scared and took me to see Nicki straight away. It wasn't my heart. I like to follow my humans up and down stairs so that I can be with them all the time but my back legs seem to have stopped working so I can't bounce up and down each stair like I used to. Nicki said Arthuritis has stolen my muscles! Well she said something else but that's what I realise she meant. I have lost weight on my bum and now and then when I'm standing I just fall into sitting cos my back legs don't work. It's not very nice and it hurts so that's why I have been panting and shaking. And now and then I yelp when something hurts when my humans try to pick me up, but I try not to cos I want them to carry me . Nicki gave me something called metacam. It's not a nasty pill that tastes horrible if you chew it by mistake, but it's like sweet water and I can have it on my food. Emma is saying it's Miracle Medicine cos it does make me a lot better and it must have told Arthuritis to stop being painful. Here's me feeling poorly and then me happily sleeping on Emma's lap after I'd had my metacam.

My problems are cos I'm an old dog. And they're not very nice but really I am very lucky as I don't have anything very, very bad. Some of my dear humans have had the really bad thing cancer and they were looked after Macmillan Nurses so I've set up a page to raise money for them . Please do go there and bid on nice things or donate some money.
Lots of love and licks, Ted Terrier XOX

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