Monday, 6 October 2014

Autumn Ted

This morning I was minding my own business - rather than anybody else's though I often have in mind the business of my humans and ask Emma to write about it but this I wouldn't normally ask her to write about cos I write about my humans more than myself, but I am doing cos it was worth minding about for dogs and humans. I went out into the garden to do the business every dog has to do in the morning - and at other times - and this happened! And then dear friend Sue Mynall painted it happening so we're sharing with you! It's called Autumn apparently - though if you're American it's called Fall and maybe that's more sensible cos it's leaves falling off the trees but I don't know what Autumn means - and it meant I got covered in leaves of all sorts of different colours and I got blown about too and rained on a bit too and it's still happening so be careful when you go out cos you may get autumned too :) Actually it is sort of fun if it's not raining too much so you don't get too wet and not blowing you too much so you fall over and you can chase the leaves. Emma says it's very pretty and she likes it. It's also cooler so if you don't have a ready-made coat like me that you've grown all by yourself it may be good to put one on.

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