Thursday, 20 March 2014

Review of Uggie, The Artist, My Story by Ted Terrier

Review of Uggie, The Artist, My Story by  Ted Terrier

Following on from my review of Champ’s biodography, me and Emma decided to do another one. I actually feel a little bit jealous cos Emma wanted to read Uggie The Artist’s book so much and the reason I am jealous is that he is also a JRT like me and a film-star not like me and Emma has a thing for film-stars, especially if they sing too which thankfully Uggie doesn’t, and it makes me worry that maybe she will love him more than me. Now the artist – though not the same kind of artist, Sue Mynall – of my books; The Journal of Ted Terrier, The Colour Journal of Ted terrier and soon The Second Journal of Ted Terrier – says I should have been the doggie star of the film The Artist cos I am a superstar myself. I love Sue!! However, Emma says I couldn’t have been cos I’m too naughty and not well-trained enough. Ggggggrrrr to you Emma! How’s that for loyalty of a human sister – or how isn’t it given that it isn’t. But you see when we read Uggie’s book we found out that he was naughty too before he was adopted by acting coach Omar von Muller, and then he was even naughty afterwards now and then. But I do have to admit that he is certainly better trained than me but that is more my humans fault than mine. I am very good at my job without being trained. I have natural talent! So does Uggie! And he is very dedicated too. Maybe that’s also cos he is a JRT. Emma says neither of us are modest. That’s a JRT thing too  Or just a dog thing – some humans do all this silly covering up of their feelings and talents whereas we dogs are just honest about it. I love humans so much and so does Uggie. He met and starred with Reese Witherspoon on the set of Water for Elephants and fell totally in love with her. He tells us all about that in his book as well as what it was like to work with the actual artist in the film called that name, actor Jean Dujardin. They worked very well together and he even won over the director of the film, Michel Hazanavicious, who wasn’t very keen on dogs but even adapted the script to include most of Uggie’s many talents. 

Uggie is a natural born entertainer and that comes barkingly shining through in his writing via Wendy Holden. This is a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at the life of a canine star in filmland. The highs and lows of the work and the perks and the struggles of the lifestyle involved. It’s hard work but from Uggie’s point of view so worth doing. Even illness didn’t stop him. Uggie holds nothing back, and all good pawthors gives us his whole life story bones and all the meat on them – including the sausage treats he got given as rewards. A tough life but some dog has to do it, but he also did have a tough life before he Omar became his human father cos he was rejected by his previous parents. As Uggie describes all these life experiences are used in his Method acting as well as the techniques Omar teaches him. Uggie is inspiring in his never-ending enjoyment of the whole experience – some parts of which would really scare me – I wouldn’t have time to leave p-mail on any red carpets cos I’d be running away from the paparazzi and loud noises – but I would love all the fans cos I love all humans and them loving me of course helps. If you’re interested in the movie business you will want to lap and lick this book up. And I’m sure Uggie’s writing will inspire other dogs to go for their dreams in life. With a good human by your side – like me with Emma – and Uggie with Omar – the world can be your bombel cheese or sausage  by  Ted Terrier
Love, hugs and licks Ted Terrier XOX

The link to his biodography by the very clever and lovely author Wendy Holden can be found at Wooftastic Books:

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