Friday, 22 February 2013

The Last Custard Cream...

When humans go round to each other’s homes to visit each other the first thing that happens – well in my home it’s the second thing that happens cos the first thing is that I greet them enthusiastically and then they have to get past me to be able to see my humans – is that they get offered a cup of tea. Emma is saying that’s what happens in homes in England and it may be different in other countries – in America she thinks they get offered a cold drink like maybe a beer, but in China they would probably get Chinese tea, which is different because it is green, instead of black, and they don’t add milk to it. Tea here gets milk added mostly and sometimes sugar too. I’ve heard Emma offer sugar to people in their tea and sometimes when the say ‘No, thank you’, she says ‘No, you’re sweet enough’ and then they all laugh. I laugh too cos I don’t need any sugar at all cos I’m the sweetest enough. I also don’t need tea. Humans – well English humans – need it for all sorts of reasons – to be social with each other (I have a lot of socialness in me already!); to wake them up in the mornings (I just open my eyes and bounce); to help them sleep at night if they are Emma or Judy (I just close my eyes and stop bouncing – humans, not Emma and Judy, say tea makes them too awake so they can’t sleep so they don’t have it to make them sleep); to make them feel better when a bad thing has happened - well just come and see me and you won’t need tea . The other thing that happens when they get given tea is they also have biscuits. They usually sit down in the living-room and hold their mugs, or cups in saucers if they are doing it very properly, and then the biscuits get put on the coffee table – which is called a coffee table even if it’s being used for tea-having. I get very excited when the biscuits go on the table and try to take one, but I’m not allowed to. So instead I go round visiting each human, and smile at them pleasingly, and wag my tail and then bark if that doesn’t work. Sometimes they say ‘Oh Teddy’ and give me a little bit. Often not though as they think I am too fat and also that their biscuits are not good for me. Emma says that is very true if they have chocolate in. I like chocolate! That’s another thing we’re always told that something is bad for us when we like it. That doesn’t make sense! How can it be bad when it’s good?! But Emma says it is important that humans know human chocolate isn’t good for dogs and dogs can have dog chocolate. Anyway the last time this visiting and having tea happened the biscuits on offer were custard creams. After the visiting has finished my humans went and said ‘Goodbye’ to their visitors. You can see what I did…

Love and licks, Ted and Emma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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